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NO-TOIL Super-Flo Air Filter Yamaha YZ List $79.00 Sale $49.99


Backfire screens are manufactured into filter cages to prevent the hot sparks generated by a backfire from igniting the foam air filter.

However, the desire for better airflow – and the resulting increase in horsepower – has led to risky modifications. For years, racers have been nervously cutting out the backfire screens from their stock filter cages.

Those days are over. The new weapon of choice is the No-Toil Super-Flo Filter Kit. A revolutionary solution, this complete system safely replaces your OEM filter and cage assembly. Thanks to a flame-resistant treatment on the filter, you can backfire and spark all you want – the filter will not hold a flame.

Features and Benefits

  • Super-strong, high-density polymer filter cage
  • Designed without a traditional backfire screen
  • Allows the maximum amount of air to flow freely to the intake
  • Top-quality, two-stage foam air filter
  • Special flame-resistant foam treatment
  • Aftermarket filter-cage screw with maximum holding power and better, user-friendly ergonomics compared to OEM
  • Replacement air filters available (sold separately)
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