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Cardo Scala Rider G4 MSRP $299.95 Save 28% Sale $214.58


Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4

The scala rider G4 redefines the notion of high-end communication for motorcycle helmets. Encased in a rugged yet streamlined body, the scala rider G4 offers Bike-to-Bike Intercom at a remarkable range of up to ONE MILE! The G4 also features unique 4-way Intercom betweentwo bikers and two passengers or 3-way Intercom amongthree separate bikers.Multi Device Connectivity, including mobile phone, A2DP(Bluetooth stereo), FM radio with RDS, intuitive buttoncontrols, wire connectivity to iPod™/ MP3 player, and much more, make the G4 the world’s most feature rich communication and entertainment device for bikers. The scala rider G4 offers Multilingual status announcements allowing bikers to maintain smooth and safe handsfree communication while on the move. The device transmits useful information regarding connectivity status to other bikers, to your mobile phone, the FM station you are listening to and more. The G4 is truly the most biker friendly headset on the market!


  • Bike-to-bike intercom communication with 3 other headsets, with a remarkable range of up to 1mile
  • Link together for 4-way intercom conference calling between 2 couples riding on 2 motorcycles
  • VOX activation: intercom calls, answer, voice dial, redial, and call reject functions
  • Includes an embedded FM radio with scan/seek features and 6 station channel memory
  • Individual audio sources – each G4 headset can conduct mobile phone calls or listen to Fm radio or MP3 audio independently
  • Full Duplex – allows simultaneous talking and listening when using intercom connections
  • Talk time up to 10 hours, standby time up to 10 days
  • AGC Technology – headset automatically adjusts it’s own volume based on ambient noise anhd driving speed
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Weather resistant design
  • Fits virtually all 3/4 and full face helmets
  • Note: Range may vary according to terrain

Scala Rider G4 Headset is compatible with the following:

  • Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
  • Both Stereo and non-stereo Bluetooth enabled mp3 player, adapter, or mobile phone
  • Bluetooth enabled GPS unit
  • Scala Rider Q2 headset
  • Scala Rider Solo/FM/Teamset
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