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LEATT Moto GPX Sport Brace MSRP $595 Closeout $440-595



The Leatt Brace is an injection-produced neck-brace system designed by medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Leatt Brace has been tested by BMW Munich, KTM Works Riders, and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), and is endorsed by Motorsport South Africa (MSA).

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Injury Prevention

Normally, helmet impacts are transmitted to the skull and down the neck. With the Leatt Brace, the impact force is redirected to the brace and to other body structures, safely dissipating the energy.

The Leatt-Brace is currently the only neck-protection system available for motorcyclists that can effectively help prevent all of the following potential injuries:

  • Hyperflexion – extreme forward head movement
  • Hyperextension – extreme rearward head movement
  • Lateral Hyperflexion – extreme sideways head movement
  • Axial loading – compression of the spinal column due to the effect of force on the helmet
  • Posterior hypertranslation – rearward movement of the head/helmet on the neck

Features and Benefits

      • Brings the head to a controlled stop
      • Provides a padded, rigid structure that acts as an alternate load path for neck forces
      • Prevents the helmet/head from projecting over the brace in fulcrum action, which has been documented in literature pertaining to the use of collar devices
      • Offers some relief from neck fatigue on long-distance rides
      • Allows riders an adequate range of movement
      • Compatible with most types of body armor and chest protectors
      • Suitable for use by Superbike riders
      • Requires only minor modification of leathers with an aerodynamic hump
      • Compatible with all motorcycle helmets
      • Designed for use on all motorcycles and ATVs
      • Great for competition use, recreational riding, and daily commuting
      • For an upright riding position
      • Designed for the extreme motocross rider who may experience “float” in a big air or flat-out whoop situations
      • For Superbike leathers with a hump
      • Designed for the extreme Superbike rider who may experience “float” at high speed
      • Small: 4-16 years old (slim build)
      • Medium: 16+ years old (average to bigger build)



The X-Strap and GP-Strap are included and optional.

The X-Strap
The GP-Strap
Sizing Recommendations

    • Leatt Corporation is proud to announce that its range of neck braces, namely the Moto GPX Club, Sport and Adventure braces are now CE certified and comply with the requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC applicable to all Personal Protective Equipment offered for sale in the EU.

Weights are approximate and based on a medium-sized Moto GPX brace.

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